The Energy Advance Center (EAC) is a voluntary association of energy and energy-related organizations dedicated to advancing the development and deployment of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) to achieve a cleaner energy profile and improve U.S. economic and energy security.

CCUS technologies are critical to reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, enhancing U.S. energy security and competitiveness, and maintaining U.S. leadership in the development and deployment of new, transformational energy solutions. Moreover, the International Energy Administration (IEA) states that no credible pathway exists to reach international CO2 emissions reduction targets, such as the Paris Agreement, without dramatically scaling up the use of CCUS.

The Energy Advance Center aims to educate policymakers and advocate at the federal and state levels on the technical, economic, and regulatory issues impacting widespread deployment of CCUS.

The Need for CCUS

The energy industry recognizes the need to balance the needs of environmental stewardship with economic prosperity. For this reason, the Energy Advance Centers sees CCUS as a vital tool to address ongoing concerns about climate change. CCUS is a necessary technology and decarbonizes energy production, use, and goods manufacturing. In addition, CCUS supports energy diversity, creates a valuable commodity, and supports the economy and jobs by allowing for the continued use of U.S. energy infrastructure. CCUS will be a critical element in reducing CO2 emissions globally, and the United States must act to maintain energy technology leadership.

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