The Energy Advance Center (EAC) is a voluntary association of energy and energy-related organizations dedicated to advancing the development and deployment of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) to achieve a cleaner energy profile and improve U.S. economic and energy security.

CCUS technologies are critical to reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, enhancing U.S. energy security and competitiveness, and maintaining U.S. leadership in the development and deployment of new, transformational energy solutions. Moreover, the International Energy Administration (IEA) states that no credible pathway exists to reach international CO2 emissions reduction targets, such as the Paris Agreement, without dramatically scaling up the use of CCUS.

Specific targeted issues of the EAC include:

  • Clarifying rules for project developers to access the Section 45Q tax credit.
  • Supporting robust levels of sustained CCUS RD&D funding.
  • Establishing a clear standard for the long-term liability for sequestered CO2.
  • Assuring availability of Federal onshore and offshore lands for CO2 storage.
  • Reforming Class VI Underground Injection Control requirements to streamline permitting.
  • Promoting CCUS pipeline and infrastructure development by addressing permitting barriers.
  • Supporting a broad variety of CCUS incentives to encourage deployment.